Can you use Social Media to find a job?

Social media is great for a lot of things. Following your friends and family and seeing their updates, following any celebrities you admire, having a simple way to message your friends, creating events and more.

But would you ever think that social media could be used to find a job?

Most employers today are using social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter when considering candidates to employ.

By advertising your skills online, and showing employers who you are and what you do, you’re opening yourself up to employers finding you, networking and a host of potential job opportunities.

So what is the best way to optimise your social media profiles and adapt them to search for your dream job?


Using search tools

You can use the search tools on a particular networking site, such as Twitter, to see who is tweeting about job openings in your area.

If you search for a particular location and words like “hiring” or “jobs” then you’ll find a lot of openings. You can narrow it down further by searching for a particular job or area that you’re interested in too.


Follow companies

Another way to search for jobs on social media is to follow any companies or industries that you admire or want to get hired into.

If you have a keen interest in cooking and want to start working in a kitchen, then follow some local restaurants and cafés.

Companies often will advertise job openings on their social media pages first, so if you’re following them you will be first to find out.


Use LinkedIn

Did you know that there is a whole social media site out there with the purpose of finding jobs for users, and employees for companies?

LinkedIn is a great tool when it comes to job searching, especially as we are moving towards a more digital world.

Nowadays companies might exclusively advertise jobs on LinkedIn, and find candidates using only their networking site.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is really helpful when it comes to job searches. It’s a great idea to make a profile and display all of your interests, job experience and qualifications for employers to see.


Doing your research

Social networking can be an excellent tool too for doing your research when applying to jobs. You can use networking sites to find out information about a particular company, learn what they are looking for in a candidate and what their goals are.

Doing research on a company before applying is crucial – not only so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself in for, but also so you can show an employer that you’re interested in what they’re offering.


Don’t forget – Use the tools available to you!

If you need any help with job searching, filling out an application, making a professional social media profile, or preparing for an interview, then New Roots staff can help you out.

Support and help can be provided for your job search – all you have to do is ask!

For more information, The Guardian has an article on how social media can be used in a job hunt.