Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetables?

With the launch of our new Green Fingers project it couldn’t be easier!

New Roots’ volunteers have been busy planting all sorts of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in our car park greenhouse behind the office and, with lots of water and sunshine, everything has started to grow. We’re now planting everything up at our vegetable garden before they take over the car park!

If you fancy flexing your green fingers at home, why not ask for one of our ‘Grow Your Own’ kits? They come complete with everything you need to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables. Fresh ingredients are great in omelettes, soups, salads or sprinkled over any meal to add a burst of flavour and colour. Those available include:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Cress
  • Lettuce
  • Parsley
  • Rocket

We launched the kits last week at Drop-In and they went down very well, with young people eager to grow their own after trying some baby rocket and chives from our taster pots.

We’ll be running a number of activity sessions in the future as well so, if you fancy getting some fresh air and sunshine and want to lend a hand, then simply let your support worker know that you’re interested. There’s always plenty to do, from sowing wildflower seeds to attract bees and other insects, to watering our pumpkins to become enormous, to building bamboo structures for our beans and peas to climb up.

Keep watching this space for more exciting updates from the Green Fingers Project!

Best wishes,