Tips on building a LinkedIn Profile

Our blog post last month talked about how you can use social media to find a job – but without a doubt, the best social media site to use in your job hunting is LinkedIn. So how does it work?

A LinkedIn profile is one of the most important tools to use when job hunting in this digital age. You can use it to find jobs, have employers find you, showcase your skills, and network with people.

It can be quite daunting to create a profile, especially if you don’t have much experience online or with social media. So here are some simple tips to keep in mind when making your profile!


The Photo
Your profile photo should be clear, friendly and appropriately professional.
A photo can speak a thousand words, so you want to make it a good one.
A photo of you in action may be the best option, this experiment shows. If you can show yourself to be working at what you want to do, then employers are more likely to engage in your profile.


The Headline
A lot of people choose to use their headline to outline their current company and job role. This might not be the best option, and if you’re unemployed it’s not an option at all.
Instead this space should be used to show your speciality and set you apart from the rest.
State what you do well, what you are known for. Try to speak directly to the employers that you want to attract.
This article will help you to make a great headline.


Summary space
One key thing with summary space is to not waste it with paragraphs that nobody is going to read.
At the most make this four short paragraphs long, and try to include a bullet pointed section to space things out.
Use this space to highlight your biggest achievements, rather than to overwhelm with every piece of work experience you have.


Following profiles and adding people
You’re a lot more likely to see new job listings if you follow the companies and businesses that you admire.
Employers will list their jobs on LinkedIn fairly quickly, and so if you want to be there before the applications close you need to be following the companies you are interested in.
It may also be worthwhile to request to connect with particular people you admire. Their LinkedIn profiles will give you valuable information on how they got to the career they have today, which may be the path you want to follow.


Job searching
Under the “job” section of your LinkedIn homepage, you are able to look for job listings. To narrow down these listings to the specific areas you are interested in, click on the button saying “career interests”.
Here you can search for key words or job roles, such as “waitress” or “chef” or “retail”. Fill this up with as many relevant descriptions as possible – the more options, the more likely you are to find a job you like the sound of!
Under this section you should select where you would like to be located, and how soon you can begin working, whether it be in a few months’ time or as soon as possible.


Regularly update things
The last thing to remember with your LinkedIn profile, is to remember to update it regularly.
You want to keep posting about the things you are doing, the work experience or voluntary work you are taking on, any courses or new skills you have learnt and more.
By engaging with LinkedIn more often, you’re a lot more likely to find a job listing that’s worth your while.

If you need any help with a job search, or with getting online, then you can always speak to New Roots staff for some advice. Simply pop into the office, or give them a ring, they are always willing to help!