Frequently-Asked Questions

Take a look at the most common questions asked by our young people.

Am I allowed visitors?

Visitors are allowed throughout New Roots properties, although there are some restrictions on those in shared properties. There are also a small number of banned visitors who may not enter a New Roots property.

Young people are resonsible for the appropriate behaviour of their visitors and must ensure that neighbours are not disturbed.

Am I allowed to decorate?

Tenants may be able to decorate their own rooms/property, providing it is first discussed and agreed with the New Roots office.  We may also agree to pay the cost of materials if the decoration is considered poor.

Am I allowed to keep a pet?

No, pets are not allowed in New Roots properties.

Do I have to maintain contact with my Support & Development Worker?

Yes, it is supported accommodation, which means support comes as part of the package. Failure to engage with support may place a tenancy or licence at risk.

Can my partner move in?

It may be possible for partners to move in, but they will not have any claim to the tenancy or security of tenure.  As with visitors the tenant is responsible for the conduct of their partner. This will also affect any claim made for benefits, as a joint claim will need to be submitted.

How long can I stay?

The length of support is dependent upon individual need, but we try to aim at a stay of 6 months. Of course, you may choose to leave at any time.

Do I have to be in by a certain time?

No, but you will have neighbours to consider when you and your visitors come and go from the premises. In the shared houses you will also have your housemates to consider. Neighbour complaints are taken very seriously and may affect your tenancy or licence.

What if I don’t like where I am offered?

Tell us and we will do our best to move you when a more suitable vacancy arises.  What we can’t do is guarantee when a property in your preferred area will be available. Turning down an offer of accommodation will not prevent you being offered accommodation in the future.

Do I need to pay a bond?

No, New Roots do not require a bond.

Will I have to pay if I loose my key or cause any damage?

Yes, there will be a charge made if a key is lost, locks need changing, or if you cause any damage to the property. Malicious damage may also place your tenancy or licence at risk.

What furniture is provided?

Carpets, beds, an oven, washing machine, and fridge are provided. Other items of furniture can be ordered from local furniture projects, usually at no charge.

What if I don’t get on with my Support and Development Worker?

New Roots recognizes that sometimes you may not get on with your Support and Development Worker.  This can be discussed and, where it is necessary, we can allocate another member of staff to ensure a positive working relationship.

Will you pass information to other agencies?

Only with your consent, unless you or some other person may be at risk of harm. There may also be occasions in the future when we are asked to give a reference to prospective landlords regarding how you conducted your tenancy.

Who will have access to my file?

Only relevant staff and volunteers at New Roots will have access to your personal information.


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